Online Private Label Sellers

Online Private Label Sellers

Many Private Label Sellers have experienced first-hand the pitfalls of sourcing in China. Best case scenario, you pay more than you need to, get a late shipment, or receive goods that aren’t quite up to standard. Worst case scenario, you end up with a product that is totally unusable and unsellable — poor quality, badly designed or damaged. Given the factory is several thousand miles away, you have little or no recourse and risk losing your money.

The common mistake we see most sellers make centers around the lack of proper due diligence, which is essential if you are to find the right supplier to meet your needs.

Sourcing from China comes with significant risks. Quality issues are common and can arise because simply put, you haven’t been able to see the product beyond one sample. When things go wrong, they can go badly wrong.

Other issues include production capacity which can lead to delayed or late delivery; unforeseen production costs due to miscommunication; unexpected duties or importation fees; and lack of payment protection when things go wrong.

We can help mitigate these risks and avoid such quality, supply and logistics issues. We conduct rigorous factory audits and a thorough validation process to ensure you have all the information needed to assess whether the factory is up to the standard you require to produce your product consistently and reliably. We can monitor the end-to-end production process to ensure you have visibility on when your product will leave the factory helping get your product to market and selling as quickly as possible.

Quality Assurance prior to production avoids costly mistakes or misunderstandings in respect to product requirements and expectations; while Quality Control post-production ensures the product is in sellable condition, thereby greatly reducing the chance of customer returns. We can also organize door-to-door shipping and logistics and provide estimates of all costs and duties prior to shipment to ensure as smooth an importation process as possible.

In the event that things have gone wrong, we can speak to the factory for resolution negotiation and facilitate product fix solutions for poor design with our innovation partner, D2M, in the UK.

We have verified network of tried and test factories in the two of the largest product categories on Amazon: Baby (including nursery accessories, car seats, strollers and gear) and Travel (bags, backpacks, wallets, purses etc.). We also have strong relationships with a number of raw material manufacturers including fabrics, metals, plastics and woods, and can facilitate the validation to supply products in the home, garden & tools; sports & outdoor; clothing & shoes categories.

We understand that time to market is critical, which is why it is essential that you have a well-defined sourcing strategy in place with a vetted and verified supplier. This will increase your chances of success and avoid costly mistakes, thereby reducing time to market in the long run.


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