Start Up’s & first time producers

Start Up’s & first time producers

Seeing your own product on the shelf of the stores, on a web page or in the street is an amazing dream that has been with you way before your project starts. The long journey of design development, prototypes, IP protection and development iterations is just the beginning. You have expended time and money and you are finally there with your idea.

It was hard, but you were there for all of it, in control, with partners that you personally vetted and trusted, worked with day to day, could meet face to face.

It is time to move to the Manufacturing stage of the business, where your dream will become reality. But this requires a change in the way you will work. Your production needs to be done on the other side of the world. You will no longer be there in person.

It is easy for projects to fail at this stage. This stage is where large amounts of time and money can be and have been lost.

Manufacturing Services Agency has been set up to ensure you are not alone for this phase of your journey. We are a familiar voice that speaks your language, a trusted partner with over 15 years of in-region experience and relationships to support you on each step of the way to production to help minimize your risk on this final stage to market

We are here in person. We are your Supply Chain. We are here representing you


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