Small to medium size business’s

Small to medium size business’s

You are already familiar that when sourcing and manufacturing product on the other side of the world there are many associated risks. You’ve spent days on planes, delayed in airports and in hotels in far flung places. The direct expense has been large, and you cannot replace your lost time or the lost sales due to delays in production. It is affecting your business.

You need a Supply Chain department but are not ready to set up offices, register a company and hire staff on the other side of the world. Manufacturing Services Agency is here as your eyes and ears on the ground, your Quality Department, your Shipping Department, your Supply Chain Department.

We are your trustworthy partner, your representatives on the ground, located close to your manufacturing partners, in the same time zone, that speak their language and understand their culture.

We monitor your production status, keep a watchful eye on your orders, check your quality, organize your shipping. And when problems occur we can be standing face to face with your manufacturing partner to help solve those problems, keeping your production moving and your goods en route to market.

If you’re looking to expand your product line, we can source you a supplier or provide you with factory checking & auditing services providing you with all the information you need to pick the right manufacturing partner, then Project Manage through sampling and into production, minimizing your lead time and cost to market.

We are your trusted end to end Supply Chain partner when you can’t be

We are here in person. We are your Supply Chain. We are here representing you


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