What we do

What Makes us Special?

 We help you to find the right manufacturing partnership; one that aligns not only with your product but also with your company and your people – one of the most important relationships you will have in your business

  We will source raw material suppliers and set-up and manage your Supply Chain from material through assembly to shipment

  We source you manufacturing partner options, audit facilities and provide you with the required information to make an informed decision on who your partner should be

  We manage project introduction to your chosen manufacturer ensuring a solid working foundation and a clear understanding of all parties needs and concerns

  We provide on-going project management and production support services & advice to minimize operational cost & time to market

  We bring transparency to the product costing process and work on MOQ’s

  We can ensure your product is manufactured to the required quality and conforms to specific standards before it has left the factory floor through our rigorous QA & QC services. This means landed product is ready to be sold and greatly reduces the chance of returns

  We can provide planning, ordering and inventory control guidance coupled with shipping and logistics services to ensure glitch free transportation, importation and arrival of product to its final destination

  We can introduce you to trade finance partners to help you finance those initial orders to get you in the market

We are here in person. We are your Supply Chain. We are here representing you

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